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Hi there, thanks for visiting my website. I am a biologist interested and passionate about insects. I try to understand how they make our world a better or worst place to live!!! Presently I study various aspects of mosquito vector biology. if you want to know more head here

My other passion happens to be photography. I started photographing what I see around by 2010. My first camera was an iPhone4! Over the years I have gradually upgraded to a full-frame camera and presently shoot with Nikon D750. I love the camera. I travel quite a bit both for work and pleasure and use the opportunity to do some photography.

Of late I have also become an avid birder. I bird as often as I can both in my immediate surroundings and wherever I travel. 

I shoot landscapes and birds most of the time. here and there you would see cityscapes as well. Hope you like what I do and what you see here. If you like anything you see here feel free to mail me at mysorekid@gmail.com or use the contacts form, I am in NW Indiana often also called Michiana along with the SW Michigan.

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